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Yes, you are covered under the MEDEFEND scheme subject to the terms & conditions of the policy

Yes, MEDEFEND Sceme is an individual policy. The policy schedule is issued to each doctor.

The premium can be paid by cheque/bank draft/ cheque payable to JLT Sdn Bhd or by bank transfer to HSBC Malaysia Berhad as follows:-
Account Name : Jardine Lloyd Thompson Sdn Bhd
Account No : 001-503556-022

As this is a claims’ made policy, it provides full retroactive cover from the commencement of your practice or if you are moving from an occurance based cover, it is when you stopped from the said cover.

There is no additional premium for retroactive cover

JLT’s MEDEFEND [formerly known as MPI] is a scheme to cover individual medical practitioners working in Malaysia. The insurance covers doctors from all specialties.The cover is provided on a claims-made basis.

The MEDEFEND Scheme is insured by Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Bhd (P&O) who are supported and backed by an international insurance group, Allied World (AW). The scheme was officially launched on 1st January 2016. For more details, please refer to MEDEFEND.

Claims against medical practitioners for actual or alleged acts of negligence are on the rise in Malaysia. Over the past few years the number and amount of claims against doctors has increased with some high profile cases reported in the local press.

Whilst indemnity insurance is not currently compulsory by law, it has already been written in to the amendment of the Medical Act 1971 in June 2012 and is expected to come into force in 2017. Below is an excerpt of Section 20 of the principal Act as amended:

“Any fully registered person who desires to practice as a medical practitioner after the thirty-first day of December of any year and who produces evidence of having satisfied by the Council shall, not later than the first day of December of that year, make an application in the prescribed form, produce evidence of professional indemnity cover and pay the prescribed fee for a certificate to practice as a medical practitioner during the ensuing year”.

Apart from regulatory reasons medical indemnity insurance should form part of any medical practitioners overall risk management philosophy and should be bought as a last line of defence to protect the practitioner in the event of an adverse incident.

While there are currently a number of medical indemnity providers in the Malaysian market, MEDEFEND is different. The Scheme has been developed taking into account the current challenges in the medical indemnity market and seeks to provide a long term solution to medical practitioners.

JLT working with our insurance partners, P&O and AW will be delivering an insurance solution to the medical industry in Malaysia that will be a long-term and sustainable product, designed to meet the enduring needs of the whole profession.

Insurance coverage is just the beginning. As the Scheme evolves we will be including value added services to medical practitioners including advice on claims management, risk management and various articles, case studies and tips to assist medical practitioners in the course of their practice.

MEDEFEND is insured by Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Bhd (P&O) and supported by Allied World (AW), an international insurance company.

More details on these companies can be found here.

Marsh is the broker for MEDEFEND Scheme and is responsible for managing the administration (i.e. new applications, renewal applications, general inquiries etc), broking (i.e. negotiating the terms and conditions of the policy) and assisting members with settlement of claims.

Marsh, with vast experience in managing professional indemnity insurance schemes will strive to ensure that the members’ interest will be its utmost priority under the scheme. A dedicated team that manages the Scheme will ensure that claims and notifications from members will be handled competently and professionally. It is the intention of Marsh to bring the members a fresh, value added approach to insurance whilst maintaining competitive but stable premiums.

More details on these companies can be found here

MEDEFEND operates on a claims-made basis meaning that the policy covers claims made in the period of insurance and notified to the Insurer in the period of insurance. You must notify JLT as soon as reasonably practicable after you first became aware of a claim or investigation is made against you in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.

The policy provides full retroactive cover except for any period during which the Insured is covered with Medical Protection Society (MPS) and/or Medical Defence Union (MDU) which provide cover on a claims-occurred basis.

A claims-made policy is when your indemnity insurance gives cover for a claim being made against you within the policy period. Your policy is triggered once you make a notification to MEDEFEND as soon as practicable of any claims or potential claim that you are aware of.

The policy’s primary objective is to pay for legal defence costs both from alleged or actual claims for medical negligence and also awards for damages. Claim relating to defamation is also built into the wording.

The policy also provides cover for your legal costs for investigations in relation to medical council inquiries, coroners inquests etc.

Yes. The policy provides cover for Good Samaritan acts which is defined as performing emergency medical treatment at the scene of an accident, medical crisis, disaster or catastrophe where you are present as a bystander and not in the capacity of a Doctor Patient Relationship, provided it is without remuneration or other benefit.

Yes, provided you have fulfilled the 3 conditions below:
i. Minimum 5 years under MMA sponsored schemes
ii. Notify JLT in writing no later than sixty (60) days after your retirement date

Yes. In the event that you become permanently and totally disabled during the policy period, you will be granted unlimited run-off cover at no additional premium provided that you give written notice within sixty (60) days after the end of the policy period.

Please note that for the purposes of this insurance, “permanent and totally disabled” means the inability to perform day-to-day tasks as a physician in any specialty due to a condition that is expected to continue indefinitely.

Yes, your estate will be granted unlimited run-off cover with no additional premium, provided that your estate furnishes written evidence and proof of the date of your demise within (60) days after the end of the policy period.

The policy includes cover for you as the named Insured should you employ a locum to do work on your behalf subject to a maximum of 60 days during any one policy period. Please note that you need to notify the locum’s name to JLT for cover to apply.

The policy includes cover for medical negligence claims during the course of a clinical trial. However, the cover is not intended to indemnify the actual trial risk.

To get cover for the actual trial risk, you should arrange for specific clinical trial insurance separately.

The policy excludes cover for negligence arising from the use of alcohol or drugs. Nonetheless, it will cover for defence costs provided you are innocent of such allegations.

The policy also provides additional cover for following:

Medical Data Protection – There is an extension for legal defence costs and awards for damages arising from loss of records and data or a medical data protection claims i.e. the Personal Data Protection Act and similar breaches.

Public Relations Costs – There is an extension for public relations or crisis management costs incurred by the Medical Practitioner to help minimise actual or potential harm to your reputation after an incident.

For full details and advice on how to make a claim, please see Claims Process.

For full details of how to apply, please click here.

For more information, please contact Ratnawati at 603-2723 3210 or Noorul at 603-2723 3243.