Clinic Protect

ClinicProtect, a Business Insurance Policy tailored to meet the needs of Clinics in Malaysia. ClinicProtect comes through for you when it counts, with high quality cover delivered with personal service.
The comprehensive ClinicProtect Business Insurance Policy was developed to provide multi-line insurance offerings for clinics. In addition to competitive rates, it offers a wide range of coverage including Fire, Burglary, Money and Group Personal Accident.


Sum Insured/Limits
of Liability (RM)


Safeguard your property from losses due to fire and lightning or any perils insured under the policy.

Replacement value of property


Protects against loss of revenue following a fire.

Gross Revenue


Cover against burglary and/ or robbery from your locked/secured premises.

Maximum RM25,000


Coverage for your office, medical, clinical, laboratory equipment and other contents against theft, fire and accidental damage.

Replacement value of property


Protects you against claims made by employee injured out of and in the course of employment.

50,000 Any one occurrence


Coverage for loss of money and/or property due to fraud or dishonesty of your employees.

3,000 Any one occurrence


Personal accident coverage for your employees within your premises.

50,000 per person 150,000 maximum in aggregate


Cover against loss of money due to burglary and/or robbery at your premises or whilst in transit.

3,000 Any one occurrence
Personal Accident to Two (2) Carriers: 10,000 each person


Cover against breakage of plate glass at your premises.

3,500 Any one occurrence


Protection against claims resulting from accidental bodily injury to third parties and/or damage to their property whilst they are at the premises.

Any One Accident: 500,000

Any One Period: Unlimited

Clinic Liability

Liability protection for the healthcare sector is the key focus for our Financial Lines Group. Our expertise includes Medical Malpractice, Clinical Trials and Public and Products Liability insurances.
Medical liability sector in Asia has been our focus for over 25 years. Therefore, we have extensive market knowledge and strong relationships with Insurer/Takaful Operator and clients. We understand the risks and trends relevant to the sector. We work closely with clients, helping them understand the emerging issues which include:


Cosmetic and Aesthetic Services
Detailed attention to patient management.
Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)
An issue that all healthcare providers have to tackle robustly.
Incident Reporting
Vital to ensure effective processes within healthcare organisations.
Informed Consent
An increasingly important risk management process.
Obstetric and Neurosurgical Risks
Characterised by low frequency of very high value claims.
Orthopaedic Risks
Contributes to a high frequency of claims.
New and Emerging Risks
Medical tourism, increased mobility of healthcare professionals and epidemic/pandemic infections.
New Technology
For example, electronic patient records provide significant benefits but also lead to different risks including data privacy and security exposures.
Cyber for Clinics

Businesses are more vulnerable to new and emerging exposures from their reliance on data and computer systems. To address these vulnerabilities, companies need to be more adaptive and improve processes and management systems.
We will help you evaluate and understand your existing risk management needs and the Cyber Insurance product that could be of most value. This product can include coverage for:


Third party cover (LIABILITIES)
Personal & Corporate Data Liability Coverage for defence costs and damages for third party claims arising out of a failure or violation of the security of personally identifiable information and/or confidential information or any unintentional failure to comply with an insured’s privacy policy and/or any foreign or local regulations.
Data Security Liability Coverage for defence costs and damages for third party claims arising out of a failure or violation of the security of a computer system or network.
Media Liability Coverage for defence costs and damages for third party claims alleging libel, slander, copyright, or trademark infringement arising out of content distributed by the insured.

First party cover (OWN COSTS)
Incident Response Costs (forensic IT, legal, PR, notification & credit monitoring costs) Coverage for costs to appoint a forensic IT, legal and public relations to determine if a breach occurred, to contain the damage, to provide notification to the affected individuals or entities. This cost also includes credit monitoring cost for affected individuals to monitor their credit profile.
Regulatory Investigations Coverage for costs to respond to a governmental audit or investigation arising out of a privacy event. Coverage for fines and penalties insured to the extent allowed by law.
Electronic Data Reconstitution Coverage for cost to restore/recreate electronic data after a failure or violation of the security of a computer system.
PCI Data Security Standards Coverage for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard fines, penalties and/or assessments.
Loss of Income & Extra Expenses Coverage for loss of income/revenue and extra expenses incurred by the Insured following a security failure, system failure or resulting from a covered event affecting an outsource provider (usually after a waiting period and subject to a monetary retention).
Cyber Extortion Coverage incurred by the Insured for money paid with the Insurer’s consent to resolve a cyber security extortion threat, including costs to investigate the cause of the threat.