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Liability protection for the healthcare sector is the key focus for our Financial Lines Group. Our expertise includes Medical Malpractice, Clinical Trials and Public and Products Liability insurances.


Medical liability sector in Asia has been our focus for over 25 years. Therefore, we have extensive market knowledge and strong relationships with insurers and clients. We understand the risks and trends relevant to the sector. We work closely with clients, helping them understand the emerging issues which include:


Cosmetic and Aesthetic Services
Detailed attention to patient management.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)
An issue that all healthcare providers have to tackle robustly.

Incident Reporting
Vital to ensure effective processes within healthcare organisations.

Informed Consent
An increasingly important risk management process.

Obstetric and Neurosurgical Risks
Characterised by low frequency of very high value claims.

Orthopaedic Risks
Contributes to a high frequency of claims.

New and Emerging Risks
Medical tourism, increased mobility of healthcare professionals and epidemic/pandemic infections.

New Technology
For example, electronic patient records provide significant benefits but also lead to different risks including data privacy and security exposures.